How Can I Write an Essay Fast in a Hurry?

Are you having a hard time writing an essay? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you on the tips to write an essay fast. With multiple tasks at hand, you may often struggle with balancing your classes and assignments. 

As such, you could find yourself writing an essay within a shorter duration than you would have preferred. Is it possible to write a good essay fast? The following sections will highlight the best tips for writing an essay fast, ensuring that you submit a quality paper. 

How to write a good essay fast

The key to writing a good essay is to overcome the panic associated with the fast-approaching due date. For this, you should strive to plan for each portion of the task and commit to your schedule. 

Some of the tips for writing an essay quickly include:

  1. Prepare an outline 

An outline is a quality resource that helps you keep track of your argument. This map keeps you from deviating from your key arguments and also allows you to exhaust your research before you set out to write your paper.

The outline also allows you to gauge the feasibility of your claims, reducing the burden of starting anew midway through your paper. You may consult your peers after making your outline to gain some insight on possible improvements to better your argument. 

  1. Record your references as you research

Gathering materials and references is usually a tedious task loathed by many students. Often, you may omit some sources and thus fall prey to plagiarism. To avoid this, keep a meticulous record of the sources used along the way. This will allow you to quickly confirm the references used in your paper and complete your paper fast without omitting items in the works cited section. 

  1. Choose a familiar topic

Proper topic selection is often insisted upon among various tips on how to write a long essay fast. When rushing to meet a deadline, it would be best that you refrain from complex topics. 

Settling for a complex topic poses the challenge of surpassing the due date or submitting incomplete arguments. We recommend that you choose a topic you are well versed with as this can be easily researched within the available time. 

  1. Proofread as you go along

Normally, you should proofread your paper after writing all the sections. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. As such, proofread your paper after each section to avoid running out of time and submitting a mistake-riddled paper. 

  1. Take breaks where necessary

Your brain, like other body tissues, is bound to wear out after long periods of activity. When tired, you may struggle with focusing on your paper and thus waste a substantial duration of time. 

Ideally, employ the Pomodoro technique to maintain your focus on your paper and make the most of the time at your disposal. 

How to write an essay in a day

Many students would tell you that writing an essay in a day is a task near impossibility. Although the last minute rush not the ideal approach to writing your essay, here are some tips on how to write an essay quickly:

  1. Write the introduction and conclusion last

The introduction and conclusion often require that you have a full glimpse of your argument. Starting with the introduction could consume a considerable chunk of your time. This is because you may get stuck trying to figure out the key argument of your paper. 

In other cases, you may include more ideas in your paper, limiting the capacity of your introduction to highlight your claims. 

  1. Avoid distractions

A day is barely enough time for writing a standard essay. Distractions only worsen your predicament by taking your brain off the paper for a few precious minutes. 

Be keen to find a conducive study area that’s free of distractions thus mastering focus to structure your arguments. 

  1. Delegate various tasks

The fond hopes of writing an essay in a day often crumple due to various time-consuming tasks of essay writing. To manage this, consider delegating tasks like editing and proofreading, sparing ample time for more demanding portions of the paper. 

  1. Gather all the necessary resources

A day barely gives you ample time to perform extensive research. As such, the helter-skelter of finding resources is not an indulgence you should embrace. Find all materials before your sitting to focus all your attention on developing a quality argument. 

Final take

Rushing through your essay should be your last resort. We however recommend that you always take the high road and avoid plagiarising work in a bid to beat the deadlines. Feel free to engage us for guidance on how to improve essay writing and custom homework help.