How to Write a Problem Solution Essay: 25 Clever Topics

Problem and solution essays are a staple for students within the humanities and science disciplines. Although they are much like common essays, much thought is required to fully analyze and resolve an issue under study.

Also, these essays require a different approach to illuminate the problem and apply the solution to all aspects of the issue you are analyzing. This article will break the problem solution essay down to help you prepare an outstanding paper. We will also highlight some problems to write about, inspiring your topic selection. 

What is a problem and solution essay?

A problem and solution essay is an essay that analyses an issue to gauge the problems it causes and suggest mitigation. For this, the analysis should be thorough and supported with proof showing the existence of the perceived problem.

The mitigation should also be analyzed highlighting how it will eradicate the problem and various implications associated with the solution. 

Parts of a problem solution essay

Although a problem and solution essay resemble a regular paper, the parts of the essay may vary a bit. The problem solution essay comprises the situation, the problem, a solution, and an evaluation. 

  1. The situation

The situation is alike the introduction of a standard paper. This section gives a scope of the current state while hinting at where the problem lies. This section could be approached in an oratory manner by describing how an institution/ machine could be working if the problem was not in place. 

  1. The problem

This section analyses the problem while citing relevant evidence to associate the negative phenomenon with the issue. Here, you may tie down various shortcomings to your problem while describing the extent of the issue. 

It is key to note various related issues arising from your problem to better analyze how the solution satisfies all these aspects. 

  1. The solution

This part of the essay should tackle various methods that can be used to maneuver a problem. These methods include; adding resources or finances, removing various constraints, sensitizing people, enforcing policies, and changing leadership. 

When analyzing your solution, pay attention to the various challenges you could encounter and highlight the mitigation for these obstacles. 

  1. Evaluation

The evaluation section, concludes your paper by summarising your essay and highlighting the benefits of resolving an identified problem. Be keen not to introduce new ideas in this section, instead, cover all the ideas that you have tackled in your problem solution essay. 

How to write a problem solution essay

  1. Identify a topic

The initial step to writing your essay is analyzing the assignment to determine various problems you could discuss. Like other essays, be keen to select a specific problem that can be exhausted within the provided word count. 

Also, ensure that you select a familiar topic, to easily address the research and apply the concepts you have learned to resolve the problem. Our last section highlights some problem solution topics to guide you in topic selection. 

  1. Prepare an outline

After conducting your research, jot your key points down and organize them into relevant sections. Doing this will allow you to gauge the completeness of your argument and achieve a flow of the ideas contained in your paper. 

  1. Draft

After outlining your work, go about writing the first draft. The outline will help you to stick to a topic and easily express your arguments. Feel free to share your draft with a friend or your tutor to get input on the areas that could use some correction. 

25 Best problem and solution ideas for your essays

Fun problem solution essay topics

  1. How do we put an end to gun violence? 
  2. The solution to the issue of undocumented immigrants. 
  3. Here’s how we would put an end to sexual harassment in institutions. 
  4. How do we address the issue of student loan debt? 
  5. The most effective techniques to handle stress in university. 

Problem and solution essay topics

  1. What teachers can do to keep pupils from trying to cheat on examinations. 
  2. how to keep drugs and alcohol off campus 
  3. Bullying can be eliminated in schools. 
  4. The quick fixes for an abusive marriage. 
  5. How can racism be eradicated in the current world? 
  6. Why is college so pricey? 

Problem solution essay topics for high school

  1. Are there any solutions? 
  2. Simple answers to our trash issues. 
  3. Methods for promoting independent music 
  4. How to Avoid Teen Pregnancy 
  5. Can schools aid in the prevention of childhood obesity? 
  6. Using online education to cut education expenses 
  7. Is gun control an effective strategy to prevent mass shootings?

Topics for problem solution speeches

  1. The Perils of Social Media Addiction 
  2. What Causes Water Pollution? 
  3. What are the most effective ways for avoiding procrastination? 
  4. How can students begin earning money while still in college? 
  5. How can we persuade people to use public transportation? 
  6. How can inmates be rehabilitated so that they can contribute to society? 
  7. How does being ethical help sales? 

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